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These download episodes are free - what's the catch?

No catch - the episodes are free to download to allow you to preview the book. if you decide that the book is not for you, then the only expense is your time, and I appreciate you having a look. If you want to read it until the end, the book is available from most well known online bookstores.

Will the paperback be available in major bookshops?

The book is available to the trade and I anticipate that it will be picked up by the online bookstores. Please see the Home page for details of stockists. I don't think it will make it into the major bricks and mortar stores - the volume of printing needed to hit the discounts required by the major chains is too high for me. However, if I'm able to come to arrangements with local, independent booksellers in the Sussex area, I'll post them up on this site.

Is it available as an ebook?

Yes, in epub format from a range of ebook retailers.

Is it available in Kindle Format?

Yes, as of September 2020 it is now available in the Amazon Kindle store for those who prefer their reading experience this way.