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A photographer by trade, I've normally concentrated until now on publishing photographic anthologies. While it's true that this is my first attempt at publishing a work of fiction - I'm no stranger to making things up.

I spent most of my working life (many years) climbing the corporate greased pole until I was fluent in management speak and able to nod with gravitas while listening to a lot of business twaddle - and able to reciprocate in kind.

During that mis-spent time, most of it was taken up with writing plans, outlines, proposals, strategies, business cases etc,etc and its only with the benefit of hindsight and distance that I realised that most of them could be considered works of fiction (or "scenarios" as we called them). 

It seemed a shame to let all that experience go to waste...

Whats it about?

There's a war being waged between two secret factions. At stake is the heart of democracy itself.

The key to victory is a small, seemingly harmless, piece of computer hardware, which in the wrong hands, could bring about a technological Dark Age. The race is on to find it as a trail of death is left in its path.

John Cranston is a gardener. He's not really interested in global domination, he'd much rather mow a lawn. He's the current keeper of that harmless looking thing.

The problem is - he's the last person to know.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Sutherland and his sidekick Sergeant Bludgeon are working on the mystery of the missing accountants, little knowing that this will lead them into something darker and more sinister, as their paths cross and diverge from the gardener on the run.


Well, it was good enough for Charles Dickens, not that I'm comparing myself to him, (he had a better beard).


Seriously though  - its just easier to download the previews in bite size chunks, and it hopefully piques the interest.  The last preview chapter is available now.

If you've stuck with it this far and want to know how it ends, then the paperback is available now from most well known online bookshops, and also in ebook and kindle formats.